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Somfy TaHoma for Homey

Somfy TaHoma / Connexoon app for Homey With this app it’s possible to connect your Somfy TaHoma or Connexoon box to Homey and control your senarios and IO homecontrol devices / sensors directly from Homey. Supported devices / services with most common parameters: - IO vertical exterior blinds - IO roller shutters - IO horizontal awnings - IO exterior venetian blinds - Velux IO roof windows - Velux IO blinds - Velux IO roller shutters - Sunis wirefree IO sensor - Thermis wirefree IO sensor - Opening Detector IO sensor - TaHoma scenarios Suggestions or problems? Do you have a suggestion for (or a problem with) this app that you would like implemented? Please go to the github page and create an issue or pull request with your suggestion/problem. If you like this app and would like to support its development, consider buying me a cup of coffee. Changelog: 1.5.4 - Fixed a bug where the movement of the window coverings devices would suddenly stop. 1.5.3 - Fixed a bug where the up and down buttons of the window coverings devices wouldn’t respond. - Improved app performance. 1.5.2 - Small bug fixes. 1.5.1 - Fixed a bug where the opening / closing of the IO horizontal awnings would be reversed. 1.5.0 - App is now compatible with Homey V2. - Added support for Velux IO exterior roller shutters. - Apart from setting the window covering state to open or closed, it is now also possible to use a slider to set it to a specific position, in order to use this new feature it is necessary to remove and add the device in Homey. - App is also compatible with the Somfy Connexoon. 1.4.0 - Added support for the IO Opening Detector. - Added synchronization speed preference to the settings screen. This enables the user to choose their own synchronization time between Homey and TaHoma. The default time is 10 seconds. 1.3.7 - Fixed a bug that would cause the temperature of the Thermis to be incorrect. 1.3.6 - Fixed a bug that would crash the app. 1.3.5 - Ability to log out of the TaHoma service was added. 1.3.4 - Changed app store assets - Optimized code for a better performance 1.3.3 - Added an icon for the IO exterior venetian blinds. 1.3.2 - Added support for IO exterior venetian blinds. - The roller shutters device supports low speed management motors as well. 1.3.1 - Added support for IO horizontal awnings. 1.3.0 - Added support for IO roller shutters. - Added support for Velux IO roof windows. - Added support for Velux IO blinds. 1.2.1 - Fixed an issue that would prohibit TaHoma scenarios to be used. - Fixed an issue where the temperature of the Thermis wouldn’t be processed anymore. - Fixed an issue where the settings screen would not be visible. - Fixed an issue where flow triggers wouldn’t trigger. - Fixed an issue where devices couldn’t be added anymore. 1.2.0 - App is now compatible with SDK 2. 1.1.0 - Added support for the Somfy Thermis WireFree IO sensor. 1.0.3 - Fixed an issue that would crash the app, if there was an error response from TaHoma. 1.0.2 - A user defined action (which is in progress), can no longer be overwritten by another action through cloud sync. - Fixed an issue that would crash the app, if the response from the TaHoma API was in the wrong format. 1.0.1 - Because of a difference in blind states between TaHoma and Homey, sometimes it wasn’t possible to open halfway closed blinds after a sync with TaHoma cloud or a cloud sync would open the blinds when the user had closed the blinds half way. This is now fixed. 1.0.0 - First release with support for IO vertical exterior blinds and Sunis IO wirefree sensor

Appareils pris en charge

Exterior vertical blind (io)
Exterior venetian blind (io)
Exterior horizontal awning (io)
Roller shutter(io)
Velux roller shutter(io)
Velux roof window (io)
Velux interior blind (io)
Sunis sun sensor (io)
Thermis WireFree sensor (io)
Opening Detector (io)


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