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Keep your Smart Home at a comfortable temperature - all the time. Heat your home even smarter with tado° and connect via Homey with your other devices at home.

tado° offers solutions for a modern and sustainable lifestyle. Their overall goal is to create solutions that are simple, elegant and intuitive. If you’re looking for a smart heating system that’s easy to manage and vanished into the background of your wall, tado° is a great option. 

Heat your home smarter

Imagine walking into the living room after a cold winter night. You are welcomed by a blanket of warmth, your Philips Hue lights turn on softly and your coffee machine starts to simmer thanks to a Fibaro plug. Suddenly getting up is a lot less difficult. With Homey Flows you can make this all reality.

Do you have a house with traditional radiators? Replace your current radiator valves with the Smart radiator knobs from tado° and save on your heating costs. This is controlled based on your location, so you save when nobody is home and heats as soon as someone is on the way home.

Mix, match and connect

For those who sometimes forget to turn off the heating on departure or before going to sleep: wouldn't it secretly be wonderful not to have to think about that anymore? Set a temperature between morning and evening for when you’re home and one for when you’re out. Based on your location and distance from the house - you’ll ensure that the home is up to temperature before you get inside. Or warm up your home as you get closer. 

From comfort to eco. You decide what suits your lifestyle. Get creative and have fun creating Flows!

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