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Best Buy Guides Find the Best Smoke Detectors for Your Smart Home in 2022
Best Buy Guide
Find the Best Smoke Detectors for Your Smart Home in 2022
Best Buy Guide

Find the Best Smoke Detectors for Your Smart Home in 2022

Smoke detectors are an important part of any smart home. They can help save lives in the event of a fire. But with all of the different types and brands on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. In this Best Buy Guide, we introduce you to smoke detectors and explain why it's good to have them around. We will also take a look at some of the best smart smoke detectors on the market and compare their features.

How Smart Smoke Detectors Work

People who care about their home's security can appreciate how such a small device as a smoke detector protects against tragedies and expensive damage resulting from home fires. So how does this device actually work?

Most smoke detectors use either photoelectric sensors or ionization sensors to detect fire. Photoelectric sensors emit a beam of light into the room. If there is any smoke in the air, it will scatter the light and interrupt the beam. This, in turn, will trigger the alarm.

On the other hand, ionization sensors work by detecting particles released by burning materials. They are more sensitive than photoelectric sensors and can often detect smaller fires early on.

The usual form factor of this fire protection device not only detects smoke particles – it also rings an alarm with a built-in chime. That means that smoke detectors are able to work as standalone devices, and at the same time, they send their current readings to Homey to trigger smart home automation.

There are two ways of installing smart smoke detectors: wired and wireless. Wired smoke detectors connect to your home's electrical system and are hardwired into the wall. However, most smoke detectors are wireless and run on batteries. These can be placed anywhere in your house, and communicate via a Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or Z-Wave connection with Homey.

The Top 4 Smart Smoke Detectors

Now that you know a little bit about smoke detectors, let's take a look at some of the best smart smoke detectors on the market.

BrandModelPriceDimensionsProtocolThermometer IncludedMaximum Siren VolumeBatteryBattery LifetimeHomey Pro SupportHomey Beta Support
XiaomiHoneywell Smoke Detector€2990 x 90 x 35 mmZigbeeNo80 dB1 x CR123A1 yearYesYes
FibaroSmoke Sensor€5965 x 65 x 28 mmZ-WaveYesN/A1 x CR123A2 yearsYesYes
FrientIntelligent Smoke Alarm€4265 x 65 x 40 mmZigbeeNo85 dB1 x CR123A3 yearsYesYes
TrustZigbee Smoke Detector ZSDR-850€3360 x 60 x 49 mmZigbeeNoN/A1 x CR123A3 yearsYesYes

Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke Detector

Available at EUR 29

Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke Detector
  • Affordable
  • Bulky
  • Design leaves a lot to be desired
  • Short battery life

Have you ever worried that your smoke detectors are not smart enough? That's why the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi developed the Honeywell Smoke Detector. With this device connected to Homey, you'll significantly increase the safety of your household and always stay up-to-date on the status of your home. 

Design-wise, Xiaomi's smart smoke detector looks alright, but don't expect too much. It has a round shape and a white plastic casing. However, the Xiaomi engineers got the functionality right. With its photoelectric smoke sensor, this device is capable of detecting even the smallest amounts of smoke.

There's an 80dB alarm packed in, which is quieter than the competition, but it's still loud enough to wake you up when things go awry. Another minor nuisance to keep in mind here is that Xiaomi's battery lasts only one year, while the competitors can run for as long as 3 years.

The installation of this device is pretty straightforward – it can easily be mounted on surfaces with screws or it can stick to them using adhesive pads. You can attach the detector on a wall or the ceiling, the choice is up to you.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor

Available at EUR 59

Fibaro Smoke Sensor
  • Great Z-Wave range and security
  • Good design
  • Thermometer included
  • Multiple levels of sensitivity
  • Expensive

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor is a home security device with an intelligent and sensitive smoke and heat detection. This home appliance speaks the Z-Wave language, allowing it to integrate with home automation hubs such as Homey Pro or Homey Bridge.

If your cooking goes wrong or an electrical device bursts up in flames, the Fibaro Smoke Sensor can detect particles produced by these incidents so you can prevent bigger mishaps before they happen. The device includes an alarm to warn you when there is danger, and an LED indicator will inform you if the smoke detector needs your attention. Fibaro also built in a thermometer, informing you of the ambient temperature.

You can select from various levels of sensitivity of detection, ensuring that the device is usable even in the kitchen or boiler room where harmless smoke can easily accumulate. That means you'll avoid false alarms caused by everyday cooking or heating.

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor can be installed easily with an adhesive plate or with screws. It runs on a Lithium battery that lasts for up to 2 years before replacement is needed.

When you integrate this Fibaro device into Homey, any fire alarm signal from this home security device can trigger a push notification, so you won't have to worry about missing important updates about the safety of your home. You can also flash the lights in the affected zone, so you'll know exactly where the danger is coming from.

Frient Intelligent Smoke Alarm

Available at EUR 42

Frient Intelligent Smoke Alarm
  • Looks good
  • Long battery life
  • Bulky

The Frient Intelligent Smoke Alarm is very affordable, especially given its smart home capabilities. As its name suggests, this device contains an alarm that can be heard throughout the house in case of an emergency. This device is quite basic, but very easy to use, with the installation only requiring a couple of screws or an adhesive plates.

Like other Frient devices, it operates on the Zigbee technology, which is perfect for smart home integration. it means that users are able to link all of their smart devices together through one single app for easy management. They can even program preset automation based on specific conditions. For example, any smart home device can be set to automatically turn off if the smart smoke alarm senses excessive smoke.

For added security and convenience, Homey Energy can provide notifications when the alarm's battery needs to be replaced. That way, the smoke alarm can continue its operation without any hurdles.

Another thing to highlight here is this smart smoke detector's design. It has a nice-looking glossy exterior case with a metallic trim. Moreover, it can be mounted on walls or ceilings without any additional hardware needed using adhesive plates or a double-sided tape. Simply follow the installation instructions included in the box, pair it with your Homey Pro or Homey Bridge, and you'll be ready to go in no time!

All in all, this device makes for a great smart home accessory, providing peace of mind.

Trust Zigbee Smoke Detector ZSDR-850

Available at EUR 33

Trust Zigbee Smoke Detector ZSDR-850
  • Affordable
  • Long battery life
  • Bulky

Just like the competitors, the Trust Zigbee Smoke Detector is a smart smoke alarm which receives its smart features through wireless communication technology and smart home integration. That means that the ZSDR-850 is able to talk to your other smart home accessories, and it can be controlled by a smartphone or a computer.  

This allows for some pretty cool functionality, such as receiving alerts when something happens while you're away or asleep. After pairing the device with Homey Pro or Homey Bridge, you can use the Homey mobile app to customize the smoke detector's alerts to your exact specifications.

The ZSDR-850 uses a the built-in photoelectric sensor to detect smoke, and it also has a built-in siren that automatically activates in case of an emergency. Moreover, this device can run for as long as 3 years on its battery.

The installation shouldn't take more than 20 minutes if you already have a smart home hub set up. And here's a little trick – if you have Zigbee light bulbs at home, it might be a good idea to connect them to Homey before integrating the smoke detector. Mains-powered Zigbee devices route the signal in the Zigbee mesh network, making it more robust.

The Best Smoke Detector for Your Smart Home

Smart smoke detectors aren't the cheapest smart home accessories, but they can save your life someday and prevent disastrous consequences of fires. It's always advisable to fire-proof your home in any way possible, which makes these devices are definitely worth considering.

So, which smoke detector should you buy? If you want a premium device with extra functions, the Fibaro Smoke Detector is a good option.

If you're looking for a simple wireless smoke detector that uses Zigbee to communicate with other devices in your home, the Frient Intelligent Smoke Alarm is the best choice for you. Alternatively, Trust goes a long way if you're a fan of 433MHz.

Homey works with a diverse range of smoke detectors, so the specific choice of a brand or functionality is up to you. Whichever device you end up buying, we hope our guide has made the product category easier to understand.

And there's one thing you shouldn't forget – the setup process of a smoke detector doesn’t take much time with Homey Bridge and Homey Pro. Give them a try and make your home smarter!

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