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Make use of Homey in the winter

Make use of Homey in the winter

The first snow has fallen, the temperature continues to drop and it is dark sooner; the winter has (officially) started. And especially in these dark and busy (holi)days it is nice to get some extra help and to be able to relax. Fortunately, Homey likes to make the winter period more pleasant.

Always informed

Although the winter months are often devoted by socializing and being together with family / friends, the weather can still be very treacherous. Homey informs you if it's going to snow or rain before you leave your house. With the Homey Weather App and a smart light you can easily create a Flow that helps with this. When you are about to set off and it will rain or snow within 15 minutes, then the smart lamp will light blue. This way you are always aware of the weather and you can bring an umbrella or a warm hat and scarf.

Homey informs you went it is going to snow

Light in the dark

The right lighting creates the right atmosphere. And now that it is becoming dark sooner, lighting is even more important. Create with a combination of smart lights or smart plugs (in a standing 'normal' lamp) the perfect atmosphere in your living room or dining room.

But do not forget to think about the outdoor lighting. Homey switches your smart outdoor light on using a motion sensor, your presence (location) or even the moment the sun goes down. This way you never have to come home in the dark.

smart light

Warm and cozy

Not coming home in the dark is great, but coming home in a nice warm house is best. Homey turns on your smart thermostat before you come home, so it's already nice and warm at home. Does the bedroom also have to be warm? That is also possible. Control a smart radiator valve with Homey and go to bed with a comfy preheated bedroom. And if you are still cold, then connect your electric blanket with a smart plug and let Homey turn it on for you. This is as warm as it it going to get. With Homey you will always be warm and cozy.

smart heating

Wondering which smart devices, together with Homey, can make your home even more pleasant this winter period? Then take a look at our renewed Talks with Homey Store.

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