ELKO Smart Home

Pål Raymond Johansen

This app adds support for your ELKO Smart Home devices

Adds support for Elko SmartHome to the Athom Homey Supports: - ESH 316GLED RF PH - Known bugs: - forced_timeouts when multiple commands are sent from Homey app or Web app - New ESH316GLED devices produced after June 2019 should not be affected of this bug - ESH Super TR RF PH - Thermostat - Read floor and air temp - Read/Write Thermostat set temp (if thermostat mode) - Read/Write Regulator % (if regulator mode) - Read Heating status - Read Child lock status - Read Night Mode status - Read Frost Guard status - Read Temperature Mode (Floor, Air, Floor Guard) - ESH 316 Dimmer Remote (BETA) - Toggle and Dim up/down through flow cards - Issues - Flooding of commands! Use carefully or your Homey will be unresponsive! - Thanks to Niels Petter Rasch-Olsen on this! Donate If you like the app, please donate so I can keep improving it! https://paypal.me/prj84
What's new in v0.1.0
Regulator mode. Reset mode under Maintance menu for correct capabileties in the device tile. Settings for correct Watt and kw/h reading. Reading some new attributes (Frost, Night (can not be set before new zigbee Core)). Added suprt for ESH Dimmer remote. Rebuilt dimmer driver to again try fix forced_timeouts. (Will be fixed 100% with new zigbee core). Worked on app for future release.

Supported devices

ESH 316GLED Dimmer RF PF
ESH Super TR Thermostat RF


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