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Make your existing door lock smart with the Nuki Smart Lock. Combine it with Homey to unlock a world of even smarter possibilities.

Searching for that bulky bunch of keys is a thing of the past. The smart door lock from Nuki automatically unlocks the door when you come home and securely locks it when you leave.

The key to your smart home

Nuki is an innovative approach to electronic door locks, with a vision to digitize the physical key. With Nuki, Smart Living begins even before you enter or exit your home. Remotely locking or unlocking your door for family members or guests is a seamless experience, available with a press of a button.

If you find yourself without your smartphone or you simply prefer additional unlocking methods, there are several options available to control your Nuki Smart Lock. For instance, the Nuki Fob is a keychain smart button that allows you to lock the door without a key and even without a smartphone. But if you want to stick to the 'old school' way of doing things and prefer to lock the door with a physical key, you can always equip your existing cylinder lock with an emergency function.

Unlock the door to your creativity

Heading home with a bag full of heavy groceries? With Auto Unlock, your door automatically unlocks as soon as you are nearby. This saves a lot of hassle and broken milk cartons.

Hosting house parties is fun and entertaining, but your doorbell constantly ringing while your guests arrive is not. With Nuki, you can turn your home into an 'open house' and welcome your guests with a door that automatically opens for them. Tip: Add an extra element of surprise and create a Flow where your Sonos speaker calls out their first names as soon as they step into your illuminated hallway. Bet they've never been welcomed to a party like this before. Nuki helps you keep track of guests arriving while you're busy in the kitchen preparing snacks.

Future-proof your front door

Being a leading innovator in the smart lock industry, Nuki never ceases to push the limits of smart access control. Their latest Nuki Smart Lock Pro relies on the cutting-edge Thread communication protocol for integration with your Homey Pro. Thread is Matter's mesh networking protocol, which brings certain benefits to its users.

With many devices within a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network, connection stability decreases. The opposite is true within a Thread network. The larger the number of connected devices within the network, the more reliable and stable the network becomes. If one device fails, another can step in, thus maintaining stability.

Nuki Works with Matter

Further, Thread has a very low energy consumption, leading to a significantly extended battery life of your Nuki Smart Lock. Over Thread, the Nuki 4th Gen Smart Lock can be integrated with other smart home devices without the need for a Nuki Bridge. All you need to do is deploy your Homey Pro as a Thread Border Router and start using the Nuki Smart Lock.

Leave your home with peace of mind

Your home is a safe place. A sanctuary free from danger and prying eyes. To make sure you are secure in your own home, Nuki has set up its own locking implementation, ensuring communication from the smart locks is end-to-end encrypted. Moreover, Nuki has been certified as a safe Smart Home product by an independent testing institute.

The Nuki Smart Lock is easy to install and fits almost all common door locks. Slide the Nuki onto the inside of your door, stick or screw it on, and your lock is smart within 3 minutes. Additionally, thanks to the unique Lock ‘n Go feature, you can unlock or lock your Nuki Smart Lock by briefly pressing the button or by turning it.

Buy your Nuki Smart Lock in the Nuki Store and discover a world of convenience with Nuki and Homey, where all your devices talk to your smart lock.

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