Advanced Flow for Homey Pro is now available

Sonos Five Black

Discover high-end sound quality around the house.

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EAN: 8717755777126 Wi-Fi

    Hva vi synes

  • Compact design - big sound
  • Create a surround or mulit-room setup
  • Play sounds via Homey with the Soundboard app
  • No bluetooth

Discover high-end sound quality around the house. With the Sonos Five you can experience pure, vibrant sound. With Homey you can connect Sonos to all your devices at home, transforming your favorite songs into beautiful experiences. Party time? Make a Flow in which the perfect playlist is played while the lights dim and the curtains close. And did you know that with the Soundboard app you can also upload sounds such as a doorbell to Homey?

Slik kobler du til Homey

  1. Choose 'add device' in Homeys Devices overview
  2. Search for 'Sonos' and select 'Sonos' Log in with your Sonos account
  3. Select the correct speaker

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