Netatmo Presence

The Netatmo Presence.

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    Ce que nous pensons

  • Recognizes the difference between animals, people and cars
  • Has infrared lighting to film in the dark
  • Needs to be in good range of your Wi-Fi network to work properly

The Netatmo Presence. Easy to install and a good replacement for your current outdoor lamp. The camera recognizes the difference between people, animals and cars, so you can set different actions for, for example, the built-in outdoor lamp, your smart thermostat or automatic garage motor.

Comment se connecter à Homey

  1. Choose 'add device' in Homey’s ‘Devices’ overview
  2. Search for 'Netatmo' and select 'Presence'
  3. Log in with your Netatmo account to connect your Netatmo Presence to Homey


Comment vous pourriez utiliser ce produit avec Homey.

Secure your home smarter

Let Homey send you a specific notification whenever a person, car or animal is detected.

The floodlight will automatically turn on whenever one of these three is detected, so your security happens automatically.

With Homey you can go out or sleep relaxed, knowing your house is being watched over.

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