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Shelly TRV Radiator Valve

Wi-Fi operated thermostatic radiator valve.

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  • 6500 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Estimated 2 years battery life
  • Temperature control from 5-30°C

Wi-Fi operated thermostatic radiator valve. Connect this to Homey and create a highly efficient heating management to save on energy bills. You can replace your old thermostatic valve with Shelly TRV in less than 2 minutes, create Flows to control the valve based on hour, light, temperature or various actions, and make sure you and your family will always enjoy enhanced heating control in any room.

Comment se connecter à Homey

  1. Choose 'add device' in Homey's devices overview
  2. Search for 'Shelly' and select the 'Shelly TRV'
  3. Follow the instructions as shown in the pair wizard

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