Neo Coolcam Flood Sensor

The Neo Coolcam is a compact water sensor with Z-Wave support.

$ 37.95

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EAN: 6924715900551 Z-Wave

    What we think

  • Features audible alarm
  • Includes external sensor (125 cm)
  • Good range (Z-Wave network)
  • No temperature sensor

The Neo Coolcam is a compact water sensor with Z-Wave support. The sensor warns you when there is a leakage or a flood. Place the Neo Coolcam water sensor on a place where a leakage might occur, like behind your washing machine or dishwasher. Homey can then notify you when something happens. The Neo Coolcam Flood sensor is a cost-effective alternative to the Fibaro Flood Sensor. Because its water sensor has a wire to the main module, it is easy to place everywhere. This sensor does omit the temperature sensor though, which is available in the Fibaro sensor.

How to connect with Homey

  1. Choose 'add device' in Homeys Devices overview
  2. Search for 'Neo Coolcam' and select the Flood Sensor
  3. Press the code button on the Flood Sensor three times as shown in the pair wizard

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