Bjørnar Almli

Imports data from the Oss.no energy meter

Homey app to integrate to your Oss.no - chip. You will have access to your current power usage and total consumption. Requires access to the Internet. Values are refreshed once per minute. Installation: - Add the "Oss-Chip" device. - First step: Enter the email address you use for Oss.no. - Second step: You will receive an email from Oss.no. Now enter the code that you got in the email. - Third step: Enter the meter ID for the AMS - meter the Oss.no - chip is plugged into. You will find the 16 digit meter id on the front of your AMS meter. It might take a couple of minutes before you can see the values. Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. I accept no responsibility for any damages caused by using this app.
What's new in v0.9.2
Added triggers for 'Consumption yesterday changed' and 'Consumption today changed'. Avoid zero result from Oss.no API.

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