State Control

Serge Regoor

Keep track of states in your home to optimize your flows.

The State Control app for Homey enables you to keep track of states in your home. For example, you can keep track of a home state (at home, away or sleeping), or the state of your lights in each room (off, switched manually, or switched by a motion sensor). The goal of the app is to have a more structured method where multiple flows will manage devices. See the wiki for detailed documentation. REVISION HISTORY 2017-01-28 - v1.0.0 - Added confirm and alert dialogs for the Homey Desktop app. 2016-11-24 - v0.2.5 - Bug fix for delayed flow triggers. 2016-11-22 - v0.2.4 - Added API functions, fixed sorting of state overview. 2016-11-03 - v0.2.3 - Delay bug fix. 2016-10-29 - v0.2.2 - Settings bug fix. 2016-10-28 - v0.2.1 - Restructured settings and terminology, refactoring, help page. 2016-10-24 - v0.0.1 - Initial version


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