Matjaž Lipuš

Homey productivity boost

Homey productivity boost. Trigger cards - Homey started - New firmware update (checks every 15 minutes) - App crashed Condition cards - Cloud connected - Check when has run (not survives reboot) - Check lastupdate of device value (Homey v 0.10.4) - New firmware available Action cards - Reboot Homey - Restart Microcontroller - Restart app - Enable/disable all flows in folder - Add a notification (starting from Homey 1.0.0) Setup To setup Candy app, make sure API token is set in app settings. Donate If you like the app, buy me a beer! [Paypal donate] Bitcoin address 1CsnykfypeoemhhUXcr28EbHjv5DViAZfm [Bitcoin donate]]


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