Dark Sky Weather

Jeroen Somhorst

Get weather info using Dark Sky

BETA Branch: Get weather info using Dark Sky. The current implementation retrieves the current weather information. To get it working create a new device and specify the api key and the coordinates you want to use. The devices are updated every two minutes just to be sure to not overload the server / key usage. CHANGELOG - 0.0.8 Fixed a critical bug that prevented the application from retrieving api data. - 0.0.7 Added extra validation on lat/long in settings and pairing. Fixed a bug in wind strength, gust strength. Its correctly converted to km/h - 0.0.6 Added conditions for custom capabilities. Fixed some translations and added German translations - 0.0.5 Changed the label for the highest / lowest day temperature to expected highest / lowest temperature swapped the highest / lowest day temp times Fixed the triggers in flows. - 0.0.4 Fixed paypal link - 0.0.3 Fixed a minor rounding error in various capabilities (humidity , cloud cover) - 0.0.2 Fixed a bug that caused the highest and lowest temperature times to be swapped. Added units to various capabilities - 0.0.1 First release to see if things work as they should

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