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Control Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee devices

This app requires Homey SW release 1.5.13 or higher This app adds support for the Zigbee Smart Home devices made by Xiaomi Smart Home Devices. Links: Xiaomi-mi / Aqara Zigbee app Athom apps Xiaomi-mi / Aqara Zigbee app Github repository Supported devices (supported capabilities) Xiaomi devices - Door/Window sensor (MCCGQ01LM) (contact alarm) - Occupancy Sensor (RTCGQ01LM)(motion alarm) - Wireless switch (WXKG01LM) (1x - 4x click, Key Held, Key released) - Temperature/Humidity Sensor (WSDCGQ01LM) (temperature, relative humidity, BATTERY LEVEL) - Smart socket plug ZigBee edition (ZNCZ02LM)] (onoff, measurepower, METERPOWER, MEASURE_VOLTAGE) Aqara devices - Aqara Curtain Controller (Zigbee) (ZNCLDJ11LM) (open, close, idle, setpoint (100% = open, 0% = closed)) - Aqara Door and Window Sensor (MCCGQ11LM) (contact alarm, BATTERY LEVEL ) - Aqara Motion Sensor (RTCGQ11LM) (motion alarm, luminance, BATTERY LEVEL) - Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor (WSDCGQ11LM) (temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, BATTERY LEVEL) - Aqara Cube Controller (MFKZQ01LM) (Slide, Shake, Double Tap, Rotate (angle, relative angle), Flip 90°, Flip 180°, BATTERY LEVEL), see device readme for details - Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch (L) Single (QBKG04LM) / Double (QBKG03LM) (onoff) - Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch (LN) Single (QBKG11LM) / Double (QBKG12LM) (onoff, MEASUREPOWER, METERPOWER, MEASURE_VOLTAGE) - Aqara Wall Outlet (Zigbee) (QBCZ11LM) (onoff, MEASUREPOWER, METERPOWER, MEASURE_VOLTAGE) - Aqara Wireless switch with Gyro (WXKG12LM) (1x, 2x click, key held, key released, Shaken, BATTERY LEVEL) - Aqara Vibration Sensor (DJT11LM) (tilt-, vibration-, drop-motion, tilt angles (to reference plane), tilt angles (to previous position), vibration strength, tilt-, vibration-, drop-alarm, BATTERY LEVEL) - Aqara Tunable LED Bulb (ZNLDP12LM) (onoff, dim, light_temperature) - Aqara Double Relay (LLKZMK11LM) (ONOFF, MEASURE_POWER) NOTE: The following devices are sold under the same model number (e.g. WXKG11LM), but have different capabilities. From the outside (device and packaging) it is not possible to distinguish the devices with or without these capabilities; only after including them to a controller. Check the forum topic for experiences with sellers before purchasing these devices: - Aqara Wireless switch (WXKG11LM, productID sensor_switch.aq2) (1x - 4x click, BATTERY LEVEL) - Aqara Wireless Mini Switch (2018) (WXKG11LM, productID remote.b1acn01) (1x, 2x click, key held, key released, BATTERY LEVEL) - Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Single (WXKG03LM, productID sensor86sw1lu) / Double (WXKG02LM, productID sensor86sw2Un) (1x click for each button and combined) - Aqara Wireless Switch Single (2018) (WXKG03LM, productID remote.b186acn01) / Double (2018) (WXKG02LM, productID remote.b286acn01) (1x, 2x click, long press for each button and combined) Devices Work in Progress (awaiting additional clusters in Homey’s Zigbee implementation) - MiJia Honeywell Smoke Detector White - MiJia Honeywell Gas Leak Detector - MiJia Aqara Water sensor Supported Languages: - English - German - Dutch Acknowledgements: This app and driver development has been supported by: * Sprut666666 * Kasteleman * BasKiers * RobinBolscher Feedback: Any requests please post them in the Xiaomi / Aqara Zigbee topic on the Athom Community forum or contact me on Slack Please report issues at the issues section on Github otherwise in the above mentioned topic. Change Log: v 0.6.2 - Fix issues where the lifeline temperature sensor reporting - Update Homey meshdriver to v1.3.9 v 0.6.1 - Fix issue showing flow card conditions and triggers for Aqara Relay device - Fix issues where the lifeline reportParser is causing a crash of the app - Update Homey meshdriver to v1.3.7 v 0.6.0 - Add support for Aqara Double Relay (LLKZMK11LM) - Add insights logging for Aqara Vibration sensor (all alarms and tilt angle) and Cube (rotation angle) - Prepare app and drivers for ‘Energy’ (Homey 3.0.0) - Update Homey meshdriver to v1.3.6 v 0.5.5 - Fix issue that prevented to include some devices ending in status.invalidsettingtype v 0.5.4 - Add German language support, thanks to the contribution of Sebastian Spoerer - Update Homey meshdriver to v1.2.32 v 0.5.3 - Add support for the Aqara Tunable LED Bulb (ZNLDP12LM) v 0.5.2 - Fix issue where motion alarm would be cancelled before the finalizing the motion alarm reset duration v 0.5.1 - Fix issues where incorrect data is reported by the Xiaom and Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensors #125 v 0.5.0 - Enabled Xiaomi lifeline reporting (device dependent interval), adding the following functions: - Battery reporting (measurement + alarm) enabled for multiple devices (see device - capability overview) - Additional state / capability reporting (e.g. curtain position for Aqara Curtain controller or onoff state for the Aqara wall switch) - Updated App dependency updated to Homey SW >= 1.5.13 - Updated app to fully utilize Homey SW v2.0.0 options: - Fix issue where custom icons are not shown - Add brandColor definition to match Xiaomi brand - Added measurepower, meterpower and measure_voltage capabilities to the Aqara Wall Switch Single (LN) and Aqara Wall Switch Double (LN). NOTE: Re-inclusion is required to add these capabilities - Added fixed polling interval (10 minutes) for meterpower and measurevoltage capabilities for Aqara Smart socket plug, Aqara Smart Socket, Aqara Wall Switch Single (LN) and Aqara Wall Switch Double (LN) - Cleaned up device driver logging (moved some logging to the debug-logging mode) - Updated readme device overview to show added capabilities and link towards the device info at the official Aqara site - Update Homey meshdriver to v1.2.30

Supported devices

Aqara Smart Socket
Aqara Wall Switch Single (LN)
Aqara Wall Switch Double (LN)
Aqara Wall Switch Single (L)
Aqara Wall Switch Double (L)
Aqara Curtain Controller
Aqara LED Bulb
Smart socket plug
Aqara Double Relay
Aqara Wireless Switch Single (2018)
Aqara Wireless Switch Double (2018)
Aqara Wireless Mini Switch (2018)
Temperature/Humidity sensor
Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Single
Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Double
Aqara Door and Window Sensor
Door/Window sensor
Aqara Motion Sensor
Occupancy sensor
Aqara Wireless switch
Aqara Wireless switch (Gyro)
Wireless switch
Aqara Vibration Sensor
Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor


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