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Control your Tesla Model S, 3 and X! Trigger cards - Vehicle starts or stops driving - Vehicle entered or left geofence Condition cards - Airco is on/off - Airco setpoint is above/below temp x - Panoroof is open/closed - Vehicle is moving/stationary - Vehicle is in geofence - Api condition (check any value in the Api, third parameter required, even when not relevant) Action cards - Airco on/off - Airco setpoint - Start/stop charging - Lock/unlock doors - Flash lights - Honk horn - Open charge port - Panoroof control - Remote start (must start driving within 2 minutes) - Reset valet PIN - Say location of car - Set charge limit mode - Set charge limit percentage - Valet mode on/off - Activate valet mode with PIN - Wake up from sleep state DISCLAIMER Use this app at your own risk. The authors do not guaranteed the proper functioning of this app. This app attempts to use the same interfaces used by the official Tesla phone apps. However, it is possible that use of this app may cause unexpected damage for which nobody but you are responsible. Use of these functions can change the settings on your car and may have negative consequences such as (but not limited to) unlocking the doors, opening the sun roof, or reducing the available charge in the battery. CREDITS Used icons from https://thenounproject.com/ervin.bolat/
What's new in v2.1.2
Integrated changes suggested by T. Wikene to handle API authorization issues better

Supported devices

Model S/3/X


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