Bose Soundtouch

Stefan Simon

Adds support for Bose Soundtouch devices.

This app adds support for Bose Soundtouch devices for Homey. This app does NOT work with Sound smart devices since these devices use a new API by Bose. If your Bose device is controlled using the Bose Music app than your device uses the new Smart API and is therefor not compatible. Features: * Connecting Soundtouch devices based on IP address * Play/Pause/Next/Previous * Setting volume * Setting Bass using a slider, no more hassle! * Creating zones * Trigger for a speaker if it started/stopped playing * Trigger for volume changes, very handy to keep volume in sync between devices * Condition if a speaker is playing * Condition if a speaker is in a zone * Condition if a speaker is the master of a zone * Condition if a speaker is in a zone with another specific speaker For any questions or feature requests, please see the forum. Please only create issues to report bugs.

Supported devices

Bose Soundtouch


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