Plex Notify

Mark Swift

Trigger homey with Plex media players

This app lets you trigger flows based on Plex player activities. What trigger cards are available? - Play - Pause - Stop What conditon cards are available? - Playing - Paused The app uses tokens that support the following: player name, media title, plex username, media type. FAQ - Which version of the plex-server do I need? - Plex media servers equal or higher than 1.3.0 should work - I have an https-only server, or want to use https. - First, find the plex unique address that looks something like this ( You can find that by launching the plex app via Look in your browser developer console for the plex-server you are looking for. It should near the top prefixed with [Connections]. Use this address for the address you are connecting to plex with, not your local plex ip. Reason being, https certificates needs to be trusted. Then finally, enable https on your plex connection in Homey :) CHANGELOG v1.0.4 - Added https setting, allowing use of the forced SSL/TLS on Plex Server. v1.0.3 - Added ‘type’ token to flow cards - Added help tip to flow cards to explain options - Removed confidential tokens / credentials from debug info (To avoid issues should people post the output of their debug in the public domain) - Improved debug logging v1.0.2 - Added ‘playing’ and ‘paused’ condition cards


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