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School information from Magister

Homey app to interface with the Magister school information system. After adding a student via the device tab, the following functionality is available: Flow: - Trigger : New incoming grade - Trigger : Change in day-roster today or tomorrow - trigger : A lesson was skipped today (spijbelen) - Condition : A lesson was cancelled today or tomorrow - Condition : A test is planned today or tomorrow - Condition : Homework is planned today or tomorrow - Action : Let Homey say all new grades for the last 24hrs or 7 days - Action : Let Homey say the day-roster of today or tomorrow - Action : Let Homey say the homework of today or tomorrow - Action : Let Homey say the tests of today or tomorrow Trigger Flow tokens: - Incoming grade: grade, weight, class, description, student name - Roster change : student name, 1st hour, last hour, start time, end time, number of cancelled classes, number of tests - Skipped lesson: class, hour, student name Insights: - Log new incoming grades for all classes Donate: If you like the app you can show your appreciation by posting it in the forum. If you really like the app you can buy me a beer. [Paypal donate] =============================================================================== Version changelog (summary) todo: add trigger card 'First lesson starts in ... minutes'. v3.2.3 2019-06-12 Magister.js updated to 2.0.0-alpha.12 v3.2.2 2019-01-18 Fixed the custom capability icons. v3.2.1 2019.01.16 Another hotfix for login API change. v3.2.0 2019.01.12 Hotfix for login API change. v3.1.1 2018.12.16 stable release. v3.1.0 2018.12.02 BETA. New auth method. School search during pair. Improve change roster detection. Fix grade log. v3.0.5 2018.11.04 Fix grades for non-numbers v3.0.4 2018.09.08 Fix login for schools with numbers in their url v3.0.3 2018.09.02 Fix flows for multiple students. Fix missing profile picture. v3.0.2 2018.08.12 Reduced memory usage. v3.0.1 2018.06.03 Fix repeated new grade reports. Improved cancelled class reports. v3.0.0 2018.05.26 Beta. Complete rewrite to SDK2 as device. 1hr polling. Parent login fixed. Added skipped class triggers. Added mobile card info. v2.0.7 2017.10.01 Minor bugfixes v2.0.6 2017.08.05 Condition cards bugfix. Removed driver v2.0.5 2017.08.05 Complete rewrite from device to app settings. Extra flowcards Parent login partially implemented. Student login is preferred v1.0.0 2016.12.27 Stable release v0.0.3 2016.07.09 Initial release

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