Edwin van de Pol

Foscam for Homey

Adds support for Foscam IP Cameras. Homey will automatically fetch the settings from the camera after adding. The update interval can be changed in the device settings. Supported actions: - Create snapshot image (configure settings) - Send image via email as attachment or inline - Set brightness of the video - Set contrast of the video - Set hue of the video - Set saturation of the video - Set sharpness of the video - Set motion detection on/off - Flip the video horizontal - Goto PTZ preset point - Mirror the video - Reboot the camera Supported triggers: - When motion is detected - When the camera takes a snapshot Unsupported models: - FI89xx Supported languages: - English - Dutch (Nederlands) If you have any questions or feedback, please contact me on Slack. Please report issues and feature requests at the issues section on GitHub.
What's new in v2.2.0
Added support for motion detection triggers

Supported devices

Bullet Camera
Cube Camera
Dome Camera
PT Camera
PTZ Camera


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