Philippe Wechsler

Provides a UI to create Splines and integrate them in your Flows

Splines are two dimensional functions that can be very helpful for your home automation with Homey. Basically you can assign Y values (i.e. brightness, volume,...) to an given X value (i.e. time). The spline will then interpolate between these nodes. This app provides an UI that allows you to easily create/edit splines and it's visual representation and provides some flow cards that you can use in your automations to make use of these splines. Usage - Go to the app configuration and click on 'create'. Give the spline a name and setup it's boundaries. Bellow you see a visual representation of the spline and you can also add/remove and modify the nodes. Bellow you find the exact values of the nodes. - If you would like to control the brightness of your lights trough the day you would setup multiple nodes like that: [0,50], [8,50], [9,100], [17,100] [18,50], [24,50] -> this would translate to 'until 8:00 set a brightness of 50%, until 9:00 gradually fade to 100%' and so on. - Create a trigger flow card 'Query a spline' or 'Query a spline (time based)' and select the desired spline - Create a second flow that used the 'Query completed' trigger card which contains the calculated position on the spline to set the brightness of your lights for example Examples - automatically apply the brightness or color temperature of your lights during the day - fade in/out the volume of your speakers or the brightness of your lights with a custom pattern, i.e. start slowly and accelerate at the end
What's new in v1.2.0
fixed an issue where min/max values were not respected, option to manually set the amount of digits of the result, improved homey v4.x compatibility


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