Advanced Rest Client

Philippe Wechsler

Perform http(s) requests with extended features such as custom headers, authorization & certificates

Introduction Provides some flow cards that allows you to perform some http(s) requests with advanced features. This can be used to access cloud services or local devices. Features - Use custom request headers - Perform requests with a custom certificate - Advanced response handling, i.e reading data from JSON/XML, response headers or server validation (coming soon) - Authorize the request (OAuth, JSON web token, bearer token, basic authentication) (coming soon) Usage - First create a "perform a request" action flow card. You can setup most things here like the url or the payload - If you need to handle the response you can setup a new flow using the "a request has completed" trigger card - You can define custom headers in the app configuration and then select them in the flow card
What's new in v1.3.2
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Flow cards


Advanced Rest Client
Request completed
Gets triggered when the 'Perform a request' flow card has completed it's request Note: this also gets triggered when the server responds with an error message.
Advanced Rest Client
Request failed
Gets triggered when the 'Perform a request' flow card has failed. Note: this does not apply if the server responded with an error message.


Advanced Rest Client
Add/Update 'Header name' to 'Header value' for the header collection Header collection
Adds or updates a header in a header collection
Advanced Rest Client
Remove 'Header name' from the header collection Header collection
Removes a header from a header collection
Advanced Rest Client
Http Verb to Url - should contain the protocol (http or https), the host, optionally the port, the path and optionally query parameters with bodytype: Body Type - describes the content you define in the 'Body' field bellow. Choose 'none' if you do not want to send a body (i.e for GET requests) Body - payload of the request in the format defined above, using Header collection - if you need to use specific headers you should go to the app configuration and define a header collection there. After that you can choose the header collection here. & Certificate - if you need to perform the request with a certificate (only for https) you can go to the app configuration -> certificate and upload it there. After that you can choose the certificate here.
Performs a request with various options. Important: there is a separate trigger card available where you can handle the result of the request!


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