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This app adds support for your ELKO Smart Home devices

Add support for Elko SmartHome to the Athom Homey SUPPORTS: - ESH 316GLED RF PH - Dimmer (Still some bugs with forced_timeouts) http://proff.elko.no/elko-smart-home-316gled/esh-rs16-316gled-dimmer-rf-ph-article2622-1781.html - Known bugs: - forced_timeouts when multiple commands are sent from Homey app or Web app - ESH SUPER TR RF PH - Thermostat http://proff.elko.no/elko-smart-home-super-termostat/esh-plus-super-tr-rf-ph-article2629-1779.html - Read floor and air temp - Read/Write Thermostat set temp - Read Heating status - Read Child lock status Plan for support: - ESH SUPER TR RF PH - See if air or floor temperature is active thermostat source - NEW ELKO SMARTHOME PRODUCTS - LATE 2018 / EARLY 2019 RELEASE - ESH Plus wall Switch - 4 button Zigbee switch (Battery) - ESH Plus wall Switch with PIR - 4 button Zigbee switch (Battery) - ESH Plus wall Switch with dimmer - 5 button with dimmer wheel Zigbee switch (Battery) - ESH Socket relay - Zigbee - ESH Relay Puck - In wall Zigbee relay - ESH Dimmer Puck - in wall Zigbee dimmer DONATE If you like the app, please donate so I can keep improving it! https://paypal.me/prj84 CHANGELOG Version: 0.0.4 - Updated Meshdriver - Temp. Fix for forcedtimeout issue. Update tries to address the forcedtimeout issue by preventing the user from sending multiple commands to the same light “too fast”. (Thanks to Espen Herseth Halvorsen for this temp. fix) Version: 0.0.3 - Updated Meshdriver - Turned of SetOnDim capability option to prevent forced_timeouts Version: 0.0.2 - Tested som new code to eliminate forced_timeouts with ESH316GLED Version: 0.0.1 - First beta - Includes support for ESH 316GLED RF PH - Dimmer - Includes support for ESH Super TR RF PH - Thermostat

Supported devices

ESH 316GLED Dimmer RF PF
ESH SUPER TR Thermostat RF


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