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Nuki Lock + Bridge

The Nuki Smartlock gives you the ability to control your door with the Homey Smartphone App.

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EAN: 9120072080401 Bluetooth Wi-Fi

    What we think

  • Mountable on existing lock
  • Auto open with geofence
  • Doesn't work on all Nordic doors

The Nuki Smartlock gives you the ability to control your door with the Homey Smartphone App. Easily moMount the Nuki Smartlock on top of the existing cylinder on the inside of your door, connect the bridge with your router and make your current lock a lot smarter. Open or close your door with the Homey Smartphone App or create a Homey Flow that starts playing your favorite music when you open the door.You can use the bridge on a distance to unlock or lock your door through internet. Due to the geographic location feature, the door automatically unlocks when you come home and locks when you leave your home.

How to connect with Homey

  1. Choose 'add device' in Homeys Devices overview
  2. Search for 'Nuki' and select the Smartlock
  3. Insert the IP address
  4. Port and Token as shown in the pair wizard


How you could use this product with Homey.

Coming home

Imagine having your door automatically unlock as you approach the doorstep.

With just one simple Flow your thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature, the lights turn on in the living room, and your favourite music is playing on the sound system

Never fumble for keys again and discover countless possibilities to (un)lock your door based on the things happening in your home.

Always come home to a warm home

Imagine coming home to have your door unlock automatically. Then you step into the foyer to find your home already set at the desired temperature.

As you continue into your living room, the television comes on, the blinds are drawn and the lamps turn on to a nice warm setting.

Welcome home.

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