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IKEA KADRILJ Roller blind

Control your blinds wirelessly to adapt light or create privacy.

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    What we think

  • Reduces reflections on screens
  • Remotely control your blinds
  • Cordless for increased child safety
  • No black out roller blinds

Control your blinds wirelessly to adapt light or create privacy. With the roller blinds from IKEA KADRILJ (100x195 cm) you have the convenience of controlling your blinds in different ways. Connect the blinds with Homey and create Flows for the perfect setting.

How to connect with Homey

  1. Choose 'add device' in Homey's devices overview
  2. Search for IKEA Trdfri and select the Kadrilj sunblind
  3. Follow the instructions to pair with Homey


How you could use this product with Homey.

Easily dive into work-mode

Time to be busy and efficient!💪

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Let’s work it!

Let in the light

Brighten up your apartment and keep your indoor plants happy!🌱

With a plant sensor you’ll always know if your plant has enough light and water. Use them in your Flows and automate your blinds to adapt light.

Time to cook smart

Ask Alexa to activate your 'Time to cook'-Flow when you're preparing for a meal.

Set timers, create the perfect lighting with curtains and let Homey do the work. Cooking will never be the same.

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