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Fibaro Wall Plug 2

The Fibaro Wall Plug 2 is a smart socket with a LED ring.

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EAN: 5902020528647 Z-Wave

    Was wir denken

  • Compact
  • Type E/F
  • Measures energy usage (2500W)
  • Includes colored LED indicator
  • Only switching, no dimming

The Fibaro Wall Plug 2 is a smart socket with a LED ring. The Fibaro Wall Plug comes equipped with a power measurement feature and works on Z-Wave. The color of the LED ring changes according to the amount of power used by the plugged device. Making it easy to see what the energy consumption is of the device. Plug the Fibaro Wall Plug in the wall socket and connect it to Homey. The Fibaro Wall Plug 2 can measure and switch up to 2500 Watts.

Wie du dich mit Homey verbindest

  1. Choose 'add device' in Homeys Devices overview
  2. Search for 'Fibaro' and select the Wall Plug 2
  3. Press the B button on the Wall Plug three times as shown in the pair wizard

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